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Maria Sjöholm - Vocals xxxxxxxx Anna Kjellberg - Bass

Flavia Canel - Guitars xxxxxxxx Martina Axén - Drums,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and Backing Vocals


The band's formation of this swedish group from Stockholm was gradual. Martina Axén (Drums) and Flavia Canel (Guitars) had played together for a decade, four years into which Anna Kjellberg joined them on bass. With the more recent addition of Maria Sjöholm's power-drill voice, the band was ready to unleash its power in 1993. Music and lyrics reflect the ideas of each member. Signed to MVG Records in March of 1994, recording began in January 1995, and within a year both an EP, "Serve The Shame", and an album, "Horror Wrestling" had been released including 2 singles, "I don't mind" and "Crack the liars smile". In 1997, after a phenomenal success in U.S, they come out the Unplugged version of "Serve The Shame". But this last version is not available because it's 2 titles CD of promo. For information, "Serve The Shame" denounce the ill-treated childhood.
They have also come out a U.S re-release of "Horror Wrestling" with 15 titles included a new song which is the retaking of "Age of Spades" from Motorhead.
And the 29th June 1999, their new album "Freaks of Nature" is came out in U.S !!
In U.S, the band's name is "DRAIN S.T.H" because it ever exists another group with hard-punk tendancy, which have the same name. S.T.H means officially "STockHolm" and non-officially "Straight To Hell".
DRAIN also show solidarity with Amnesty International and Green Peace.

And here is one of their photos, that they have specially dedicaced me !!


Anna Kjellberg
Flavia Canel
Maria Sjöholm
Martina Axén


You can download these 2 videos on the Jason Roush's Site :


Front and Back cover of their album : "Horror Wrestling". (European Version)


Be careful ! It's not an official translation but it gives an idea of what they mean in a vivid language, that's why the lyrics are followed by the original version in english, in order that you judge by yourself. These translations can only interested people who speak french, of course, but as I ever said, you also have all the lyrics (excepted "Someone" and "Klotera") in english, there.


Here are some sound files, to listen them, you just need to click on the notes :
"I don't mind"
"Crack the liars smile"

The files above are in REAL AUDIO 3.0. format. This format is 10 once more compressed than the WAV format, so you have the advantage to listen the Totality of the title in Real Time!! For those who don't have the Real Audio Player 3.0 or more, you can download it on this site :



Some of these sites have links between them, consequently if you know some new sites, even (and above all) in french or in another language, contact me.
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You can also write to Filip Nilsson who is the manager of the official DRAIN fan club in Sweden. Write him to know more and discover all news at their subject.
You can also write directly to the band, at this following adress :

If you want to communicate with other Drain fans, you can join the E-mail Drain-list. For that, send an e-mail to with writing "subscribe drain-list" (without quotes) and nothing else. And if you wish to send an e-mail on the Drain-list, write then to :

It also exists a Newsgroup for Drain : alt.rock-n-roll.metal.drain

This page has been in part realised thanks to the infos supplied by other DRAIN fans, and whom you'll find the sites above. I also thank them for the photos that I've borrowed them.

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